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Welcoming Congregations

Small Group Ministry, or Covenant Groups, are integral parts of the life of many congregations. Program. If you are not familiar with Small Group Ministry, please see that section on this site for more description, discussion and implementation of the concept, or go to

Small Group Ministry may be offered to a time limited group that focuses on Welcoming Congregation issues. If this group is also a committee to develop or implement a Welcoming Congregation Program, the session would be a major part of a meeting followed by logistics for moving the program forward (.5 hours). The critical part here is that the time spent in Small Group Ministry focus on that, with the understanding that the time for logistics will follow.

Small Group Ministry may be used as a process to focus on an issue or topic within the context of a larger educational program or workshop. For example, the importance or potential impact of the Welcoming Congregation program on individuals and the entire congregation could be used at a Welcoming Congregation Program workshop or educational program. This can be done by having the total group participants divide into small groups of 5-6 people for a .5 to 1hour (depending on the total length of the workshop). If more than one session is used throughout the workshop, try to keep the small groups consistent. The difference here is that there will be fewer questions for consideration than in longer session.

Following are some sessions that have been developed around the concept of Welcoming, with a focus on Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Trans concerns.
         What is Your Identity

The Welcoming Congregation Network welcome sessions that you may have used or topics that you would like to have developed.

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